Farmers can spend a lot of money lighting buildings and barns at this time of the year, so anything that cuts the power bill is probably going to be welcome.

Berkshire-based firm Lojer Lighting has launched a range of ultra-efficient LED battens to the UK market. These British-designed fittings are said to give a more natural light while saving up to 60% in electricity compared with a traditional fluorescent unit.

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The professional-grade Luminaire range consists of four LED battens which vary in size and intensity and meet British quality and safety standards.

The range is also designed for quick and easy fitting and comes with a five-year warranty.

LED lighting

Waterproof and flame-resistant, the battens can be used in farm buildings, stables, cold rooms and warehouses and have gone down well on Canadian and German farms.

The Luminaires are said to give a light that is much closer to natural daylight than other types of artificial light, making life more comfortable for livestock and workers.

LEDs also have a life of 50,000 hours minimum, don’t flicker and are maintenance-free.

Typically, they last 10 years – as long as you avoid giving them a high-power jet-wash cleaning.

A small barn would need four LED battens, says the company, typically costing £248.

For a very large barn the cost would be £55 a batten and more than 16 units would be needed.

That’s a total cost of £880.