Ten years down the line from the introduction of the company’s first Fusion integrated baler/wrapper, McHale is set to launch the Fusion 3.

The styling has changed and updates include a split-drive gearbox to power the bale chamber and pick-up/chopper unit, a 2m five-tine-bar intake pick-up, an optional crop roller, a chop-quality monitor and selectable knife system.

McHale is also launching the C460 feeder/bedder which can be used for feeding short fibre silage or distributing hay and straw for bedding. A twin-speed gearbox allows the speed of the flywheel/straw blowing turbine to be set to 280rpm for silage feeding and up to 540rpm for spreading straw.

A square or round bale is loaded in to the main chamber and then pushed towards the 48-blade rotor by a hydraulically driven chain and slat conveyor. Material leaving the machine passes through a chute which can be turned through 300deg for placement – bedding straw can be blown up to 18m.

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