As farms get bigger, the need to cart diesel and Adblue around gets more important. So it’s no surprise that manufacturers are coming up with all manner of containers to allow you to move the two liquids about the place.

Most of these are designed to go in the back of a pickup, but sometimes you want something smaller. One of the cheapest and simplest of these is the Emilcaddy range from Lincolnshire company Ireland’s Farm Machinery.

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It offers a hand-cranked 55-litre plastic diesel tank for £399 or £449 for a 110-litre version. Or, if you want to move AdBlue about the place, there’s a 55-litre tank for £429 or a 110-litre version for £479.

All units have top handle for easy gripping and a lower safety tap. Wheels, a foot support and a front nozzle holder support are supplied.