Muller TRACK Guide

An auto-steering system from Muller Elektronik suitable for retrospective fitting to tractors and other agricultural vehicles will be presented at Lamma by David King Electronics. 

Track-Leader Auto is described as a high-tech system with a six-axis gyroscope for the steering computer, detecting all movements including roll and pitch for maximum accuracy.

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There are three operating systems: Electric steering wheel drive, which can be moved between vehicles and uses a brushless motor for near-silent operation; the Iso version, which taps into a vehicle’s Isobus network and delivers precise hydraulic steering on vehicles pre-equipped as “auto-steer ready”; and the Pro version, which is connected directly to the steering mechanism and should therefore provide the most accurate auto-steering of the three.

There is also a choice of three Isobus-compliant displays – the 8in and 12in Touch models and the Track-Guide III.