Lincolnshire importer Opico has added Maschio hedgecutters to its product list this year.

The Italian-built range includes three unusually-named models – the Carla, ag-spec Camilla and the Katia which is designed for contractors. All get a double-sided flail and two-direction rotor, which Opico says should make a cleaner cut. They also have a cutting head angle of 246deg, which should make it flexible enough to get at awkward ditch banks and tree branches, and a contour following system for high-speed verge cutting.

The high pivot point of the Carla 500 allows the flail to work alongside or tight behind the tractor – ideal for narrow country lanes and tight spaces. It is designed for use on tractors over 2.8t and requires at least 60hp at the pto. Cost is £17,915.

The £16,700 ag-spec Camilla hedgecutter has a reach of up to 6m and can be used on a smaller tractor than the Carla. The most expensive model – the Katia – costs £20,425, requires a 3t tractor and needs 80hp to run it.

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