Growers using imported vining pea seed could find their seed protected by thiamethoxam this season.

Syngenta‘s seed treatment has performed well in PGRO trials, when co-applied with Wakil (cymoxanil + fludioxonil + metalaxyl-M), Anthony Biddle says, showing significant reductions in thrip, pea weevil and pea aphid damage, leading to improved crop nodulation.

Peas on cold, stony soils are particularly susceptible to thrips, which reduce early emergence and cause dwarfing syndrome. Pea and bean weevils directly feed on crops, and their larvae damage developing root nodules.

The end result in trials was a 50% yield increase on early drilled varieties over Wakil applied alone. “The thiamethoxam treatment gave a visible benefit that lasted through the season. Weevil and thrip numbers were considerable reduced, giving almost complete control.”