There’s nothing more depressing than hearing the muffled crunch of a tractor window smashing, whether it’s because the hedgecutter has flung a stone at it or because you’ve let a rear-mounted implement get too close to the back window.

Currently, the only way to avoid it happening is to fit a metal grille. But they’re time-consuming to put on and remove and they’re not good for visibility.

But a Lichfield farmer has come up with tough polycarbonate covers that protect the tractor windows without compromising visibility.

Bill Rushton makes the Tractor Guard protective covers on the farm just three months ago, but has already fitted more than 30. He can offer units that fit side windows, rear windows, all-in-one door + windows and even wheel, bonnet and wing mirror guards.

He uses both suckers and a strong elastic cord system to hold the covers on and they can even be steam cleaned. They can be put on and taken off by one person in a matter of minutes, he says.

Cost is £260 for the whole side of a tractor (all-in-one door and side window), £200 for a door alone, £130 for a rear window and £60 for a side window.

Details from the Tractorguard website.