Workshop tool maker SIP has launched a new range of bench and floor-standing pillar drills designed to work through metal, wood and plastics.

SIP pillar drill

Models will carry drill bits with a maximum size of 13, 16, 25 or 32mm depending on the size of the machine you order.

Maximum chuck capacities also vary from 1.5-13mm on the entry-level models up to 5-20mm on the biggest ones.

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All of the machines run from a 230v supply and use a pulley tensioner to adjust motor speed.

They also come with a cast iron tilting table with angle scale and slots, and an adjustable drilling depth stop, as well as mounting holes in the base plate to secure the rig to the floor or bench.

Prices kick off at £140 for the smallest bench-mounted version and rise up to £978 for the biggest model.