Lamma visitors will see two new trailed drills from French manufacturer Sky Agriculture for the first time as a result of a new distribution agreement with Opico.

The EasyDrill and MaxiDrill are designed for no-till and min-till crop establishment techniques respectively, with the former also well-suited to sowing cover crops. However, both can also work into conventionally prepared seedbeds.

The EasyDrill comes in 3m and 4m rigid formats and 6m folding, with optional fertiliser placement and disc coulters positioned between a rubber packer wheel and rear press wheel for accurate sowing depth.

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The MaxiDrill is designed for high speed minimum tillage drilling, deploying two rows of cultivating discs on a seed cart ahead of a 3m, 4m or 6m coulter bar. Various packer wheel and harrow tine options provide the flexibility needed to work in a conventional plough-based cultivation system or tackle no-till drilling in light soils.