The Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the US equivalent of the Agricultural Engineers Association, reports that sales of tractors in the US in June 2011 were 6% up on the same month last year.

For the period January to June 2011, a total of 87,619 tractors were sold, compared with 87,011 for the same period in 2010.

In June alone, sales of 2wd tractors under 40hp went up by 12% compared to the same month last year and those under 100hp were up 2%.

Sales in June of 2wd tractors of more than 100hp (a category that is now non-existent in the UK but still figures in the the US) were down 10% on last year and 4wd tractor sales were down 26% on the same month in 2010.

For the year so far, sales of 2wd tractors over 100hp were down 5% and 4wd tractors over 100hp were up 8%. Combine sales for the year 2011 totalled 4,090, up 7% on the same period in 2010.