The new tractor-mounted Tempo V precision seeder with flexible row spacing will be among drill developments from Vaderstad at the Lamma show.

There are seven Tempo V models in all, with six- to 12 units and working widths of 4.2-6.6m, all with a centre-split vertical folding frame on which the units and fertiliser placement coulters can be moved to any position for different row widths.

The 12-row model with 45cm spacing, for example, can be reconfigured to eight rows at 75cm for different crops. Odd row numbers – 9-row with 60cm spacing, for instance, can also be accommodated.

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An aluminium seed metering mechanism is being introduced for all Tempo seeders. It incorporates an emptying hatch for easy cleaning between crops and introduces a 22mm seed option for crops such as pumpkins and sunflowers.

A 2,200-2,700-litre front hopper for the Tempo V and a narrower fertiliser coulter permitting 45cm row spacing are also among Vaderstad’s precision seeding updates.