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Contextual Advertising

How does it work? Company Link delivers your product and company's messages to your customers and potential customers when and where they're most receptive - alongside related editorial content. Every time anyone views editorial content on that is related to your business, activities, products and solutions, they will see your most relevant advertising and marketing content displayed via a related link. That's getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

How do I know if it works? will provide you with monthly performance reports so you can see how well Company Link is working for you. The reports include a full breakdown on the performance of your content within and allows you to identify what areas of your marketing material interests users the most. You will quickly see the ROI from the Company Link program.

How much work is involved?

The maintenance and updates of your marketing and advertising content within is managed for you. You, the advertiser, do not need to put additional resources into Company Link.


All advertiser content within can also be searched for using the keyword search directory and will also receive additional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits.


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