5 May 1995

1% farm price rise demanded

EURO-MPs are demanding a 1% increase in farm prices in this years price package.

The call is included in a report by Belgian socialist MEP Jose Happart which has been adopted by the European Parliaments agriculture committee.

"How could any of us look farmers in the face and claim that we were defending their best interest, if we did not agree to even a 1% price increase for all products," said Mr Happart.

A 1% rise should only cost the EU about £9.9m in 1995 and £73.87m in 1996 and there was already a budget margin of £830m for 1995, he added.

The report rejects the Euro-pean Commissions plan to shorten the cereal intervention period from seven months to five months. It also opposes a 10% cut in cereal monthly storage aid in the 1995/96 marketing year and a 2% cut in butter intervention prices. &#42