5 April 1996

10 Sunny Boy sons in top 30

LATEST sire figures from Holland see 10 new Sunny Boy sons enter the top 30 ranked on PIN index, including the renowned sire himself.

Furthermore, the Sunny Boy son Eastland Cash, out of a Cleitus dam and a newcomer last year, is also one of the highest climbers in this April proof run.

The Dutch conversion to UK PTA 95 equivalents has not changed and gives Cash a PIN of £119. His Dutch score for overall type is 110.

Highest Dutch sires ranked on PIN are still Labelle (BL) and Jabot, both at £128 PIN. Next is Lutz at £120 PIN.

Zandenburger Royal is the top new bull ranked on the Dutch economic index INET and top Sunny Boy newcomer likely to be marketed in the UK, according to importing agents Inimex genetics.

Out of a Lekker Valiant Royalty cow, he boasts a Dutch type score of 106. This calving ease sire has a UK conversion at 78% reliability of 697kg milk, 39kg (+0.17%) fat, 27kg (+0.07%) protein and £113 PIN.

Newcomer Bernard, with a score of 111, is the highest type Sunny Boy son available. Also a calving ease sire, he boasts a UK conversion at 74% reliability of 1099kg milk, 32kg (-0.18%) fat, 28kg (-0.09%) protein and £100 PIN.

Another interesting newcomer is the Blackstar son Etazon Lord Lily. Out of the famous High-Sights Rotate Lily cow, he boasts nearly 1000kg milk, £108 PIN and a type score of 114. This makes him the top proven Dutch bull for type alongside the Ugela Bell son Barnkamper Quality, Maple Wood Ideal and Etazon Jenison.

The first Aerostar son with a Dutch proof is Raamhoeves Lely, who is in the top 20 on PIN. His UK conversion at 77% reliability is 806kg milk, 37kg (+0.06%) fat, 27kg (+0.01%) protein and £105 PIN. This calving ease sire has a type score of 106.

Top Leadman son on INET is Den Dogge Damsel, out of a Chief Mark dam. He is the second highest new bull on type with a score of 112. His UK conversion at 76% reliability is 629kg milk, 29kg (+0.06%) fat, 24kg (+0.05%) protein and £95 PIN.

Also by Leadman is Commandeur 125, with type score of 109 and £98 PIN.

Sunny Boy enters the top 25 listings ranked on PIN at £102 with the addition of a further 21,000 second-crop daughters to his proof.

Nordkap has also improved to 100 points on INET, now at £106 PIN, as has the Ugela Bell son Luxemburg at £100 PIN. &#42

Daughter of high climbing Sunny Boy son Eastland cash. This sire is joined in the top 30 by 10 new Sunny Boy sons, and the sire himself.