17 May 1996

£100 in your hand for forage crop cost nous

HOW good is your knowledge of the costs of forage crops? If its up to scratch you could win yourself £100 in our easy-to-enter competition at next weeks Kemira Grassland Event.

For livestock producers keen to maximise profit, production from home-grown forage, be it liveweight gain or milk in the tank, must be the way forward. Never has this message been more important.

With current attention focused firmly on reducing production costs a kg weight gain to counter reduced market prices for stock, efficient use of grazed grass and alternative forages is vital.

Public scrutiny of farming practices and feeding methods adds further incentive to improve use of home-grown forages.

To help brush up your forage know-how FARMERS WEEKLY has a focus on alternative forages at this years grassland event. So if youre keen to reduce production costs a visit to our stand could prove well worthwhile. It could also earn you a handy £100 if your knowledge of the cost of producing forage is amongst the best.

All thats needed is your estimate of the costs of each unit of feed energy (p/MJ) of eight different crops on display at our stand.

A visit to each forage plot will help you pick the correct of three possible answers. So pick up a questionnaire on the stand and try your luck at winning £100.

Ideas on how much each mouthful of this kale crop costs could help earn you £100 at Grassland 96.