30 August 1996

£8m for EUmilk promo

THE EU Commission has announced that almost £8m will be available for milk promotion across the community next year.

The National Dairy Council plans to bid for some of the cash but has not yet decided which project it will submit for consideration.

Peter Crowe, NDC marketing director, said that a decision would be taken by the board of directors at its next meeting, in Sept. The options include a continuation of the current promotion, targeted specifically at mothers with pre-school age children, which was possible after the NDC won almost £1m from the EU commission last year. Another option, that Mr Crowe described as "under active consideration", is a return to national generic milk advertising.

Before the demise of the Milk Marketing Boards, money for national milk promotions was provided jointly by farmers and the dairy industry.

The last major advertising campaign was in 1994 and since then, with limited market research, the NDC has noticed the publics perception of the goodness of milk is already declining.

The council plans to conduct a national survey of consumer attitudes to milk this autumn.