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  • THE third Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) Quality Survey results concentrate on the quality of the UK wheat crop.

    483 samples have now been collected and analysed of which around 30% of samples were harvested before the heavy rains of August and the rest harvested since.

    As expected, the wet weather has had an impact on wheat quality since the first results were published on 19 August 1999.

    In particular Protein Contents and Hagberg Falling Numbers are lower and Moisture Contents are higher.

    To date samples collected from counties in the East, the Midlands and the North are under-represented in the survey with respect to area sown whilst those in both the South East and South West regions are over-represented.

    As the rains reportedly disrupted harvesting in the East and Northern regions, subsequent survey results that use a more balanced sample population are expected to show a further deterioration in overall quality.

    When compared against the five-year UK average the results presented here show a generally inferior crop quality.

    Although average Specific Weights are nearly 1 kg/hl higher on a UK basis, Protein content this season is so far just over half a percentage point lower and Hagbergs 16 points lower.

    The latest marketing conference organised by the HGCA, to take place in London on 6 October, examines price prospects for the rest of the season and at ways forward for the arable farmer. Well known experts from WTO and the Australian wheat board will lead the debate with HGCA and financial specialists on strategies for survival. Phone 0171- 520 3972 for further details.
    WHEAT Analysis By Region For All Varieties (mean values)
      Specific Weight
    Small Grains
    (D/0%) (%dm)
    Hagberg Falling Number
    Eastern78.4 (107)2.8 (107)12.0 (105)287 (106)
    Northern75.8 (52)1.4 (32)11.9 (52)260 (51)
    South Eastern78.3 (184)2.4 (101)11.5 (182)295 (182)
    South Western76.1 (105)2.3 (100)12.0 (103)236 (104)
    Midlands77.5 (35)2.1 (32)12.2 (33)92.18 (8)
    UK Average77.5 (483)2.3 (390)11.8 (476)273 (477)
    WHEAT Analysis By Variety For UK (mean values)
      Specific Weight
    Small Grains
    Protein (D/0%)
    Falling Number
    Consort (83)76.21.810.70248
    Hereward (67)
    Rialto (63)77.71.612.20252
    Riband (32)

    HGCA Taken from HGCA MI Quality Update
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