27 September 1996

29% pregnancy boost claimed

CORRECTING the energy level of the diet and injecting Receptal 12 days post-service increased the pregnancy rate from 29 to 58% on one Dorset dairy unit.

So claims Dorset vet Andrew Burge, Damory Clinic, Blandford. He treated all the cows in the herd with Receptal post-service.

"Pregnancy rate increased to 47% after treatment," he says. A 5% increase in pregnancy rate would cover the costs of the treatment, he claims.

Nutrition also influences conception rates, and at the start of the season, a blood test confirmed that the cows were energy deficient. So cows were offered a higher energy concentrate and a mid-day feed. This further increased the pregnancy rate from 47 to 58%. The cost of extra feeding was outweighed by improvements in milk yield and quality.

Towards the end of the service period post-service treatment ended. Pregnancy rate then fell from 58 to 47%, showing that post-service treatment was effective in herds fed energy-rich rations. &#42