22 November 1996

A chain brake first for petrol models

THE worlds first petrol-powered chainsaw to be fitted with a triple-activation chain brake. That is Stihls claim for its new 036QS model.

Previously, the chain brake had been applied in one of two ways; by inertia in the event of strong kick-back, or manually with the front hand guard. For extra safety, the brake also now comes on when the saws rear handle is released.

The tripping mechanism for this third and new stopping mechanism is integrated with the throttle trigger interlock in the rear handle. If the interlock is released, the brake comes on. Conversely, depressing the interlock to release the throttle trigger resets the brake.

Available with five guidebar lengths from 33 to 51cm (13 to 20in), 036QS saw prices start at £559

Triple-activation chain braking for the Stihl 036QS chainsaw. The third braking system is intepreted with the throttle trigger.