14 July 1995

A day to remember…

A VIP day at the Country Landowners Association Game Fair awaits the winners of our Farmlife competition. The prize includes a helicopter ride over the fair, participation in the country sport of your choice and a meeting with game cookery expert

Nicola Fletcher, who details her role at the fair.

I was delighted when liquid petroleum gas supplier Flogas asked me to do the game cookery demonstrations again for the CLA Game Fair, this time using an Aga cooker.

Flogas has a jolly team, and I expect this years event, at Harewood House, Yorks, on Jul 28-30, to be fun for everyone. In anticipation I have been weaving my years adventures together to make an interesting and varied programme.

I have used culinary experiences gained from a trip to the US in the spring to create an unusual dish using trout. In true American style, it has a touch of Creole, a touch of Japanese and a touch of showmanship.

I designed the pheasant dish for one of my tutored tasting sessions. It is one of those dishes relying on a sound appreciation of what makes a really successful game dish – the preparation of superb stock in advance coupled with simple and quick cooking at the end.

With the host county of Yorkshire in mind, my venison dish reflects the northern taste for cooking meat long and slow. I will be using some dark rich ale from the Black Sheep brewery at Masham to cook venison Barnsley chops. What are Barnsley chops? Come to the Game Fair and find out! Finally, I am going to make one of those superb raised pies, laying particular emphasis on the pastry. Making pastry frightens some people but it is actually great fun to play with.

I look forward to seeing lots of you there, particularly the winners of the Farmlife competition.