21 June 2002

A healthy appetite for high outputs…

APPROACHING the Burden stand at the Cereals event was to notice a large trailed cultivator occupying a sizeable slice of ground.

Imported from Denmark, the Doublet-Record Top Tiller with its 6.3m working width presents growers with a formidable machine which would clearly have an appetite for high outputs.

Primary cultivation is ach-ieved through use of four rows of spring protected rigid tines with triangular shares. The spacing of the tines is such that the shares move all of the ground across the width o the implement.

At the rear, a secondary cultivation unit comprising finger tines and a crumbler roller floats independently of the main frame.

Depth control is achieved manually by providing a stop point for the transport wheels when they are raised. For transport the Top Tiller folds hydraulically to achieve a 3m width.

Power requirement for the 6.3m Top Tiller (the range includes models up to 7.6m) is put at 170hp+. Price is £30,550. &#42

Outputs of up to 8ha/hour (20 acres) are claimed to be possible with this trailed 6.3m wide Doublet-Record Top Tiller marketed by Burden. Models with working widths up to 7.6m wide are available.