8 December 1995

A mini topper to tidy up around the unit

Last weeks Smithfield Farmtech event produced a bumper crop of new machinery developments. Andy Collings and

Andrew Faulkner conclude their show report with a look at the following new launches

A "MINI" 1.2m (4ft) wide topper is now available in the Port Agric Cutlet range.

Designed for towing behind all-terrain-vehicles of less than 300cc, the single-rotor topper is powered by a 13hp Honda petrol engine. Main uses are said to be for general "tidying up" work around the farm and for mowing in tree plantations with 1.5m (5ft) centre rows.

Cutting height is adjustable from 25-180mm (1-7in). Price is £1990.

&#8226 Hydraulic offset operation is now being offered on Port Agrics tractor-mounted Cutlass toppers. Shifting the mower to one side means just one tractor wheel runs on uncut grass. And because that wheelmark now comes in the centre of the mower, the two contra-rotating rotors lift the flattened grass into the blades.

The result, claims the manufacturer, is no stripes of uncut grass behind the mower. Hydraulic offset adds £465 to the price of the firms best selling Cutlass, the 2.7m (9ft) wide model.

Keep farms tidy with Port Agrics new 1.2m (4ft) wide topper.