1 December 1995

A power saving bonus on latest trailed unit

SIMPLIFYING the cleaning system has enabled Standen Engineering to reduce power requirement on its Spectrum trailed sugar beet harvesters.

Standens Andy Bone says making more efficient use of power is important to growers because it allows smaller tractors to pull the harvesters.

"Bigger tractors tend to be fitted with wider tyres which can squeeze wet ribbons of soil on to adjacent beet. The pressure can also actually push the beet out of the ground," Mr Bone says.

To achieve this 10-15hp power reduction on the three- and four-row Spectrums – power requirement is now 110hp – Standen has made two main design changes: Hydraulics have been revised to give variable speed control of webs and inter-lifter wheel paddles; and web number is now two – as opposed to the three-web system fitted to earlier models.

In addition, the Mark II Spectrum harvesters wheels sit further back on the chassis to increase weight transfer on to the tractors drawbar. This also reduces power requirement, Standen claims.

Prices for the three- and four-row harvesters, which include the cost of a front-mounted topper, start at £35,890 and £37,450 respectively.

&#8226 To cope with small stone- and weed-laden lifting conditions, Standen is offering the option of a part plain/part pintled roller for its potato harvester roller table.

The AMR roller replaces the plain roller in the conventional one plain/one spiral pairing. Price is £98 a roller.

Power requirement is down 10-15hp on Standens latest Spectrum beet harvester. Prices of the three- and four-row models start at £35,890.