21 July 1995

A quick return to Ulster…

I DIDNT think I was going to revisit Northern Ireland so soon, but couldnt resist a cheap flight to Dublin – understandable as the aeroplanes wing flaps didnt work on landing and we touched down at such speed I thought wed never stop!

It was a hot, sultry evening, so after exploring the city I started my journey north to eventually meet the Northern Ireland FWC in Cookstown, Co Tyrone, for Saturday lunch.

I hadnt met Dorothea Holland before, so we sat next to each other in the hotel foyer without realising we were both there for the same meeting!

The group is getting off to a slow start but hopefully by next year when I come over to the Royal Ulster Show more members will have been recruited. Come on you ladies of Northern Ireland, get in touch with Sheena Birch the contact leader (012477-28030).

After lunch we toured the market stalls which line the 135ft wide main street which is over a mile long. On such a hot afternoon it was a question of who could find the coolest place to shop, Sheena Birch and Eunice Holland managed to find the best places and we all followed.

Each of us made purchases for family gifts. I was thrilled to find an interesting history book of the area which tells of archaeological evidence of the presence of agricultural people as early as 3200 BC.

Before leaving the area I visited the 10th century Ardboe high cross which rises from the shores of Lough Neagh.

Jean Howells

Eunice Holland (left) and Sheena Birch found the best shopping places.