6 October 1995

A weighbridge not necessary

AN ability to load a grain lorry and know how much has been loaded, without running to the expense of a weighbridge, is now available from B & M Trading of Williamstown, Co Galway.

The latest version of the New Zealand-built Loadrite is claimed to offer accuracy of  1% and, fitted to a loader, enables continuous operation to be achieved.

Initially designed for the construction industry B & M believes there is now a market to be captured in the agricultural sector.

Sensors fitted to a loaders main lift rams detect changes in pressure and oil flow at a given point in the rams extension – a point triggered by a light beam sensor between ram and lift frame.

Information is processed and displayed in a cab mounted indicator, providing the operator with the weight of each bucketful and a running total of the amount loaded. A pre-set load target can be entered with the display informing how much still needs to be loaded.

More sophistication is found in add-ons that include a cab print-out and a "data capture system" which stores information for down-loading into an office computer.

Which all sounds fine – to a point. But how does such equipment behave when attached to a telescopic loader which, as the boom is extended must require different pressure levels to be exerted to provide the same degree of lift?

On this point B & M comments that the most satisfactory system would be to always have the boom fully retracted when the lifting cycle is first initiated. After the weight has been recorded, boom extension makes no difference.

Prices start at £2800.