23 August 1996

ADAS to offer guidance on waste management

SIX new areas in England will be offered free advice from ADAS to help reduce the level of water pollution caused by farm waste.

Junior farm minister, Tim Boswell, announced that the intensive campaign, funded by MAFF, will allow farmers to prepare their own farm waste management plans.

The continuing fall in the number of major farm pollution incidents was encouraging said Mr Boswell. And it demonstrated that farmers were becoming increasingly aware of their environmental responsibilities.

The six new target areas include part or all of the river catchments for the river Ribble, Lancs; the Upper Aire and Calder in West Yorks; the Blithe in Staffs; rivers Yeo and Dalch in Devon; the Upper Brue, Cary, Alham and Mells in Somerset; and the rivers Waver and Wampool in Cumbria.

"Farmers in each are will be encouraged to prepare their own management plans for spreading manure and other similar organic wastes on land in the most economical and environmentally- friendly way," Mr Boswell said.

The plans would help farmers decide where, when, and in what quantities, waste should be applied in order to minimise water pollution, he added.

"All farmers in these areas will be invited to attend meetings which will be held within the next few weeks to launch the campaigns and to explain their involvement."

A separate announcement for farm waste management campaigns in Wales is expected shortly.

Responses from farmers in previous campaigns show they are recognising that following a farm waste management plan is sound practice.n