4 August 1995

Add your inoculant while making bales

INCREASING interest in bacterial inoculants for silage production has encouraged Richard Stocks to develop its Micro-meter Granular Applicator for use with round balers.

Supplied in 1m wide sections, the applicator is mounted over the balers pick-up. Here it meters inoculant into the swath as the grass enters the mouth of the machine.

The inoculant is carried in a 60-litre (13gal) capacity hopper from where it is metered by electric drive to spreader cones. Appli-cation rate is controlled by a simple thumb-wheel adjuster.

In addition to applying inoculant the Micro-meter is also capable of spreading granular herbicides and nematicides when the unit is mounted over cultivation machinery or on ATVs.

Price for each 1m applicator unit is £676. This includes a standard set of mounting brackets, electric drive, pipe support beam, six distribution pipes and spreader cones (01945-64909).