5 July 2002

Additive aid for crimped crops

A NEW additive for use when preserving crimped whole-crop cereals, moist grain and crimped proteins has been launched by Ecosyl.

Ecocrimp is designed for use with both forage harvesters and moist grain crimpers and is said by its maker to preserve crops well with low pH, no detectable mould spoilage and excellent aerobic stability.

For preserving high dry matter whole-crop Ecocrimp should be applied at the forager, while for moist grains it should be applied at the crimper, says Ecosyl.

Ecocrimp can also be used to preserve high protein crops such as peas and lupins. Treatment costs between £4.25 and £7.25/t, depending on application (01642-718813, fax 01642 714422).