29 November 1996

Additives tank role

SPRAY additives will have less of a role in tank mixing in future.

Greater understanding of their role and activity is likely to see them included in new products instead, predicts AgrEvos David Stocks.

Spray enhancers may still be required where the market does not justify a specific formulation, or during exceptional conditions of use.

Dr Stock describes the outcome of current regulations on adjuvants as "rather bizarre". Pesticide manufacturers have to go through the whole regulatory apparatus when launching new compounds, he explains.

"But you can add an adjuvant that effectively makes a new product and bypass the system."

Highlighting the dangers of assuming that a single additive is suitable for all purposes, he points to the triazole fungicides. "They have a huge range of physical properties. It is foolish to think that you can use the same adjuvant for each."