1 September 1995

Adhere to instructions

FLOCKMASTERS are urged to adhere to makers instructions for the use of non-organophosphorus (non-OP) dips to reduce the risk of dip-resistant scab mite.

Youngs Animal Health issues its advice after reports of scab mites surviving plunge dipping with flumethrin-based non-OPs.

Youngs claims no cases of resistance in pre-launch trials of its pyrethroid-based non-OP dip Robust. But it acknowledges the risk of resistance developing. It advises combating this risk by:

&#8226 Mixing dip at the correct strength.

&#8226 Dipping sheep for a full minute with two full immersions.

&#8226 Topping up the dip as recommended.

It also suggests using different groups of ectoparasiticides in rotation. &#42