1 December 1995

Adjuvant for a super-spread

A NEW form of adjuvant which has been used as a trace element for several years and gained registration for use with cereal fungicidesis also showing activity with some cereal herbicides.

Silwet L-77, an organo-silicone, is based on silicone instead of the carbon of conventional adjuvants.

Novel surfactant

"It is a novel form of chemical surfactant which is super-spreading," said David Stevens of New York-based OSi Specialists. "Its low surface tension helps achieve good spray coverage, and at high concentrations it can move into leaf stomata to speed activity."

In trials at Long Ashton Research Station the material has been compared with oil-based adjuvants when used with a range of cereal graminicides.

Results suggest organo-silicones can match the effectiveness of conventional adjuvants, when used with Pilot, Cheetah and Fusilade.

It seems they are suitable for use with "fops", but are not the adjuvant of choice with the "dims".