19 May 1995

Adjuvant recommendations

HBN herbicides, such as bromoxynil and ioxynil, are the most effective "adjuvants" for use with Starane 2 (fluroxypyr), according to manufacturer DowElanco.

Commenting on company trials on the effects of various wetters, product marketing manager David Gurney says none offered any cost-effective benefit.

There is a "strong synergy" between Starane 2 and HBN to the extent that 0.75 litre/ha (0.5pt/ acre) of the former plus a "quarter rate" HBN gives the same cleavers control as the 1 litre/ha (0.7pt/ acre) rate alone, he says.

"We do not back any of these mixtures with adjuvants as we see no benefit to the farmer. And such a mix will potentially void any product warranties," he adds.