1 November 1996

Advanced cash call

ADVANCED payments should be made on cattle awaiting slaughter in the over 30-month scheme, says a prospective Tory candidate.

David Edwards, who will stand in the Vale of Clwyd, told a meeting of farmers in the constituency that he had submitted a three-point action plan to Welsh secretary, William Hague.

As well as immediate payments to ease cash flow and cover winter feed bills, he wants controls on incinerator construction taken out of the hands of local planners.

"Giving the Welsh secretary special powers relating to the siting of incinerators would help enormously in cutting through the inevitable red tape and delay when the matter is dealt with by local authorities," Mr Edwards said. His third proposal is for an independent government body to decide when and where registered culled cattle go for slaughter.

This would, Mr Edwards claims, resolve the bitterness felt by many about the apparent irrational and illogical the way some cattle have been selected for slaughter, with some farmers seemingly having unfair priority over others.

"I believe an independent agency would be able to deal with this more objectively."

Having faced angry hecklers at the Farmers Union of Waless Cardiff rally, Mr Edwards said he thought discussions held in a reasoned atmosphere were more likely to sort out problems than would open air rallies. &#42