26 January 1996

Advanced wrappers for 1996

FOR the 1996 season, Danagri has introduced two new bale wrappers. Considered by the company to be advanced versions of its 1500 round bale and 1504 round and square bale wrapping models, the new machines have been designated the 1510EH and 1514EH.

Features include a wider pick-up opening to ease the loading of large diameter round bales and 1.2m square bales. The mechanical gearbox clutch fitted to earlier models has been replaced by a hydraulic unit and rollers are now controlled by a single ram which also allows a degree of swing for stability when working on slopes.

Use of longer and stronger rotating arms are designed to enable bales up to 2.25m to be wrapped and a 750mm pre-stretcher unit is now supplied as standard.

For those who wish to wrap two medium-sized square bales at the same time, the control box can be programmed to place wraps of film at the point where the bales join before the rollers are brought into operation – an arrangement which prevents the bales separating during the wrapping cycle.

Where high capacity is required, both the 1510EH and 1514EH are available with twin wrapping arms – the maker claims outputs of up to 60 bales an hour.

Other options include an infra-red remote system for use when the machines are being used in static positions. &#42

Longer, stronger wrapping arms and 750mm pre-stretcher units are standard on the latest crop of bale wrappers from Danagri.