29 November 1996

Adventures in carriage world

MARY May has produced another story* about Carol, Patsy, Liz and their ponies and their adventures in the world of carriage driving in time for her fans Christmas stockings.

This Wiltshire farmers wife introduced us to the girls in The Will to Win. Carol was just home from hospital then after a road accident which cut short her riding and showing career but led to her to take up carriage driving – with the help of her friends. Piebald is lucky charts their ups and downs and ultimate successes in competitions, while the latest book, Deep water in Dereen takes the trio on a holiday in the Republic of Ireland. There, too, they have adventures of an equestrian nature. They visit the local sulky races and this time the excitement revolves about a stolen stallion.

Like its predecessors, the book is illustrated by Anne Grahame Johnstone, an artist famed both for her work on childrens books and equestrian publications. She is a whip herself and a supporter of Driving for the Disabled as is Mary May.

Mary has now set up her own publishing house, Manor Acre, which produces greetings cards and notepaper as well as books and tape versions, and 5% of all Manor Acres income (not profit) goes to help disabled carriage drivers enjoy their sport. AR

*Deep Water at Dereen by Mary May, Manor Acre (£6.95). The two earlier books are also available at this price from Manor Acre, Manor Farm, Collingbourne Kingston, Marlborough, Wilts SN8 3SD (01264-850251).