5 May 1995

Affray charge

CHRISTOPHER Barratt-Jolly, managing director of Phoenix Aviation, was charged with affray last weekend after he allegedly shot at animal rights protesters.

Mr Barratt-Jolly has been targeted by campaigners since his company began exporting calves from Coventry airport last year.

A Phoenix spokesman said a group of demonstrators had gathered outside Mr Barratt-Jollys Warwickshire home on Sunday, shouting abuse and taunts through a megaphone.

The spokesman said this had happened every Sunday since Christmas and death threats had also been made against Mr Barratt-Jollys 13-year-old son.

Mr Barratt-Jolly is alleged to have shot at protesters with an air rifle when some of them climbed a tree in his garden and tried to video his son, who was in the garden.

Mr Barratt-Jolly was released on bail and will appear before magistrates on June 6. &#42