2 March 2001

Amenity cutter launch

HEDGE and verge cutter maker McConnel has launched a new version which, it says, is aimed at the amenity and ground care market.

The tractor mounted PA41 has a 4.2m reach with a parallel geometry and is equipped with a 1m flail head. Included in the design of the flail head is a rear roller, adjustable front hood with wire trap, and front flap kit. There is a choice of grass or universal flail-types.

In standard build the unit uses a semi-independent hydraulic system, but there is an option for a totally independent system. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability to mount the PA41 to the rear or the front of a tractor, and have it made for left or right-hand operation.

Machine protection is afforded by a hydraulic breakaway and auto reset system.

With cab guard screens as standard and the option of lift float kit and skid kit, the PA41 costs £6560. &#42