14 June 1996

Anglo-German deal in demount arena

By Andy Collings

AMAZONES sprayer range now includes demount models designed for JCB Fastrac and Fendt Xylon tractors.

Their introduction is a first for Amazone and the result of a marketing agreement with German sprayer manufacturer, Dammann. The company builds the sprayers and fits Amazone booms – those over 24m are equipped with Dammanns own booms.

Increasing potential

"The demount market has an increasing potential in the UK," says Amazone UK managing director, Rod Baker. "With the number of JCB Fastracs and Fendt Xylon tractors now being used in the UK, it makes sense to be able to offer a demount sprayer for these tractors."

Ease of demount, good weight distribution and a boom which folds and locks securely within the width of the tractor, was Amazones mandate for a demount sprayer.

And with the Dammann/Amazone combination – the AGT2000 – the company appears to have achieved all these requirements. The sprayers chassis is attached to a fixed sub-frame at four points – ball ends are located in sockets and retained by bolts.

Removal of the sprayer requires the bolts to be removed, the pto, hydraulic and electrical connections disconnected, the legs attached and the sprayer jacked clear of the tractor – an operation which Amazone claims takes less than 10 minutes.

When on-board, the 2000 litre tank sits just forwards of the rear axle bringing its weight towards the centre of the tractor. When fitted with Amazone Super S type booms – booms which fold concertina-style – transport width is 2.4m (7ft 10in).

Features of the sprayer itself include a 500 litre/minute filling rate, 180 litres of clean water and a 30 litre capacity induction hopper complete with bottle washing facilities. Users of chemicals which stain heavily will appreciate the tank contents dry indicator system.

On-sprayer control is via a single valve which can be positioned to either agitate, spray and agitate, take in chemicals through the induction hopper or pressure wash the tank.

The latter operates at 15bar (2000psi) pressure.

In-cab controls extend to electro-hydraulic control of booms – raise, fold, tilt – and electric control of motorised plunger valves which are considered to have a quicker action than the more common rotary valves.

Spray control system

Proportional application is through the use of Amazones Spraycontrol system. An option, a Nocton system, can handle a wider range of pressure differentials (2.5-8bar) and, as a result, enables a wider forward speed range.

Price of the AGT2000 demount sprayer with 24m booms is £28,000.

Amazone enters the demount sprayer market following an agreement with German manufacturer, Dammann. Tank capacity is 2000 litres and boom options extend from 15 to 36m.