12 May 1995


ANIMALS dominated the final of the national entertainment competition, and the prize for the most promising female performer was shared by two wilful unicorns (Linda Hardy and Fiona Hardy), who refused Noahs invitation and drowned, in Rainbow, presented by Brampton YFC, Cumbria.

This club was followed on to the stage of The Opera House, Blackpool, by the exotic and extinct (the dodos were a delight) animals of Eardisley YFC, Hereford. Rumble in the Jungle was set in outstanding tropical scenery and carried a conservation comment.

The award for the most promising male actor went to Tim Jones, the Terminator in Mousetrap, presented by Trefeglwys YFC, Montgomery.

Any fleeting thoughts of "Not more animals" as this third club took the stage were quickly dispelled by the dozens of little mice. Beloved by the quaint miller, hated by his ghastly betrothed and the quarry of the Terminator, each mouse was a vivacious little character with audience appeal in a production that had pace, charm and humour.

Next on the bill was Northallerton YFCs Time is of the Essence. The Yorkshire club told of irregularities in Father Times workshop.

Cornwall followed and took top honours and the NFU Mutual trophy for its cabaret 95 featuring artistes from more than one Cornish club.

Keep off the grass was a slick, bright and colourful production involving a large, energetic cast and numerous instrumentalists. It was based on nine musical items, packed with clever technicalities and rather like a surreal film.

Trefeglwys YFC was placed second and Eardisley YFC third.

The park keeper surrenders in Keep off the Grass as the curtain comes down on Cornwalls cabaret 95, which included a tribute to The Blues Brothers (right) and spun dancers (below) on a catherine wheel.

With a twitch of their whiskers and a burst of song Trefeglwys YFCs mice (above and right) outwitted the Terminator to live and play another day.

Eardisley YFCs animals included a pair of Dodos who managed to produce an egg (right) and then lose it.