23 June 1995


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WHEAT growers who miss their first chlormequat growth regulator spray (at "mid-tillering" or GS30) on lodging-prone varieties need not despair, according to trials at Morley Research Centre.

The split rate Terpal (ethephon) label recommendation recently put back on the label "gets you out of a hole," says agronomist Doug Stevens. "It offers fairly powerful control – not far short of a normal Cycocel/Terpal sequence. But it would be a few pounds more expensive."

Among other options being investigated are Upgrade, Rhône-Poulencs chlormequat/ethephon mix which, despite its chlormequat content, can be applied over a broader window right up to flag leaf emergence (GS39), he says. Despite rises in the price of chlormequat it could be cheaper than the Terpal approach, he suggests. &#42