30 June 1995

Apowered chassis for heavy loads

THOSE who need to pull heavy loads through difficult terrain – timber forwarders, lime spreaders, slurry tankers and their like – can now buy a powered chassis from Cumbria-based Transpread.

Designed for tractors equipped with a ground speed pto, the chassis has a carrying capacity of up to 12t. Recognising different tractors have different pto groundspeed ratios and that larger or smaller wheels on the chassis calls for each tractor/chassis combination to be individually geared Transpread is able to offer a large range of differentials to accommodate.

"We usually aim to gear the chassis wheels so they run at about 6% slower than the tractor wheels," explains the firms John Mowbray. "And despite the wide variations in requirements, we have always managed to manipulate wheel size, differential gearing and pto speed to suit customer needs."

Engagement of the chassis drive is from an in-cab switch activating a small electric motor on the differential which engages the gears. Hydraulic brakes, plumbed into the tractors system, are also supplied.

Prices are hard to pin down but Mr Mowbray believes a powered chassis, void of tyres, would cost about £4000.