1 December 1995

Approval by category for forage additives

APPROVAL by category has been granted to 69 forage additives, it was announced this week when UKASTA launched its register of approvals under the UK Forage Additives Approval Scheme.

The UKASTA scheme now sets out precisely in which of nine separate categories silage additives are approved. (For full list, see farmers weeklys Forage Additives Supplement, Nov 24).

"Category approvals are a great step forward for our industry-wide scheme," said ADAS chief executive, Phillip Needham. "They mean the joint ADAS/ SAC/DANI panel is confident that trials prove the products have given real improvements compared with untreated silage.

Mr Needham added that specific monitoring arrangements were being put into place for 1996 to provide further assurance to farmers that the product on sale matches precisely the specification of that approved.