13 October 1995

Approved advice on waste management

UK LIVESTOCK farmers are promised improved waste management advice with the launch of a register of approved consultants at the South-West Dairy Show.

The list will include advisers qualified to produce a farm waste management plan to National Rivers Authority standards.

The NRA requires that farmers who have under four months storage for slurry and dirty water produce a plan to show that year-round disposal is possible and safe on their farm.

NRA pollution control manager Bob Merriman said consultants in the register would be more up-to-date with what was needed and the plan they drew up likely to be accepted more quickly than that from a non-registered consultant.

"Currently a high proportion of plans are delayed because they have not met our requirements and need re-designing," said Mr Merriman.

Although the number of farm pollution incidents a year had levelled at 3000, with 80-90% from livestock farms, he reported a twofold increase in the number of land run-off incidents to 20%.

&#8226 The register includes consultants from ADAS, the British Institute of Agricultural Consul-tants, the Fertiliser Manufactur-ers Association and Genus.