3 May 1996

Approved meadowgrass

ANNUAL meadowgrass can now be hit hard in spring barley thanks to an emergency approval obtained by Velcourt for isoproturon herbicide Tolkan.

"Reports from our farm managers in all parts of the country confirmed there was a potential nationwide meadowgrass problem," says the firms Keith Norman.

"But because the registration of IPU herbicide for the control of annual meadowgrass in spring barley had lapsed last year, growers were left without an effective weapon against the weed."

Now the off-label recommendation for Tolkan, granted within the past few days, has effectively removed the threat.

The recommendation is for post-emergence use at GS30-31 up to a maximum rate of 1500g/ha (1.3lb/acre) of active ingredient, equating to Tolkan at 3 litres/ha (2.1pt/acre).