Archive Article: 1996/04/12 - Farmers Weekly

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996

Whats all the beef about beef asks education and former farm minister Gillian Shephard? In support of the Great British Beef Festival, Mrs Shephard tucked into a beef sandwich at the White Horse pub, Little Cressingham, Norfolk. Landlord Paul Hickman and his butcher were determined to have a day to celebrate all thats best about British beef.

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996

A time of uncertainty for James Naylor of Wood Farm, Uffington, Lincs, where over half of the 113 extensively-raised Continental cross steers are over 30 months old. Before the BSE crisis the last batch sold at Stamford market for 119p/kg. Now, facing a shortage of fodder and space, the Naylors await a decision on compensation for such animals. Meanwhile, these cattle are unsaleable.

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996

Prospective bidders watch as pedigree Charolais cattle are led through the ring at Holsworthy, Devon. The event was the annual spring show and sale, held last week on behalf of the south-west region of the breed society. Bulls averaged £1660, with a top price of £2100 paid for Reddivallen Junior, an October 1994 bull entered by Mr and Mrs G Blewett, Boscastle. Buyer was LHeard, Okehampton. (Kivells)

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996

Sheep being sold at Newark, Notts, last Wednesday, the day of the markets second Easter lamb show. Spring lambs averaged 196p/kg overall, with the champion pen – a pair of 46kg Suffolk cross lambs – making the top price of 235p/kg (£108 apiece). Hoggets were also a fast trade, with the £100-a-head mark topped for the first time this season. Overall hogget average was 198p/kg. (Newark Livestock Co)

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996

Registrations of tractors over 40hp for March were 6.6% up on the number recorded for same period in 1995, reports the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA). The March figures are in line with those recorded in January and February with 7.4% and 5.5% increases month on month, respectively. For the unit sales figures themselves, January saw 1406 tractors sold, February 1407 and March 1931.

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996

Kemira Grassland 96 site receives the second of two 310kg/ha (275lb/acre) dressings of 20.8.12 fertiliser; the first application went on in mid-March. Due to be held on May 22 and May 23 at the NACs Crewe Farm, Stoneleigh, Kemira Grassland is Europes premier grassland management/silage making event.

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Archive Article: 1996/04/12

12 April 1996


THE benzimidazoles, levamisole, ivermectin, abamectin, foramec-tin and moxidectin are all highly effective against adult and developing larval stages of the common gastro-intestinal nematodes.

Their activities against arrested fourth-stage larvae vary. Evidence suggests that at the dose rates normally recommended by the makers, fenbendazole, oxfendazole, albendazole, netobimin, ivermectin, abamectin, doramectin and moxidectin are more active against arrested fourth-stage larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi than other anthel-mintics. The activities of the probenzimidazoles, febantel and thiophanate against arrested larvae are also high when they are given in feed over several days.

In selecting an anthelmintic for the treatment of parasitic gastro-enteritis in calves during the summer, there is little to choose, in terms of efficacy, between any of the anthelmintics available currently. Ivermectin, abamectin, doramectin and moxidectin injectables and ivermectin pour-on formulations have persistent anthelmintic activity and can be used in control strategies based on treatment at strategic intervals post turnout.

When selecting an anthel-mintic for the treatment of animals on housing in autumn, with the objective of preventing the occurrence of the disease in the late winter and early spring of the following year, it is advisable to use a product which has high activity against arrested fourth-stage larvae.

The use of an anthelmintic which lacks such activity may result in the need for repeated treatment when arrested larvae resume development leading to damage of the stomach wall.

The anthelmintics, fenbendazole, oxfendazole, albendazole, febantel, levamisole, ivermectin, abamectin, doramectin and moxidectin are all highly effective against developing fourth-stage larvae and adult Dictyocaulus viviparus. They also possess high activity against gastro-intestinal nematodes and can therefore be used where the treatment and control of parasitic gastro-enteritis is also required.


Oxyclozanide, nitroxynil, clorsulon, triclabendazole and albendazole (at an increased dose rate), all have high levels of activity against adult liver flukes and are therefore suitable for the treatment of chronic fascioliasis in late winter and early spring.

Where it is desired to treat cattle in late autumn and winter, a time when infections will consist of both adult and immature flukes, then triclabendazole is the drug of choice because it possesses activity against immature flukes.

Combined treatment of

gastro-intestinal nematodes and liver fluke

A number of products are marketed for the combined treatment of gastro-intestinal nematodes and liver fluke. With the exception of albendazole, all these products contain a mixture of two chemicals, one active against liver fluke the other active against gastro-intestinal nematodes.

Combinations available consist of oxfendazole/oxyclozanide, levamisole/oxyclozanide, ivermec-tin/clorsulon and levamisole/triclabendazole.

Where animals are to be treated in the autumn and winter for both fluke and worms, the anthelmintics employed should ideally have activity not only against adult gastro-intestinal nematodes and liver fluke, but also against arrested fourth-stage larvae and immature flukes. It will be seen that while some of these products may have activity against immature flukes, none of them have both. The rationale for using these products should be assessed carefully.

For more detailed information on the relative efficacies of different antiparasitic drugs, you should consult your vet. Though every effort has been made to make the lists as comprehensive as

possible, FARMERS WEEKLY cannot accept any liability whatsoever in respect of loss, damage, or expense arising from such


The inclusion of a product in the list should not be taken to imply its endorsement by FARMERS WEEKLY.

Group 2: Benzimidazoles




Allverm 15%CrownRicobendazoleRoundworm, lunworm, flukeOral drenchNone14 days

Autoworm 5 withMallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormBolusNone180 days Systamex

Autoworm Big 6MallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormBolusNone180 days with Systamex

Autoworm Big 5MallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormBolusNone180 days with Systamex

Bayverm ArmadoseBayerFebantelRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

Bayverm 2.5% SCBayerFebantelRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se35 days

Bayverm 2.5%BayerFebantelRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone35 days

Bayverm 10%BayerFebantelRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone35 days

Bayverm 1.9%BayerFebantelRoundworm, lungwormIn-feedNone35 days

Bental 7.5%C-VetRicobendazole Roundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone14 days

Flexadin UnivetFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

HapadexSchering-NetobinRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone10 days Plough

MolamDallas KeithThiophanateRoundwormMolasses7 days mineral lick

Nemafax 14Rhone-ThiophanateRoundwormIn-feedNone7 daysMerieux

Fenbendazole 2.5%Bimeda UKFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 daysFerbendazole 10%Bimeda UKFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

OxfenilVirbacOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

Panacur BolusHoechstFenbendazoleRoundwormBolusNone199 days

Panacur 2.5%HoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone21 daysPanacur 10%HoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone21 days

Panacur 4% HoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormIn-feedNone14 days

Panacur SC 5%HoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se21 daysPanacur 10%HoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se21 days

Parafend LV NorbrookOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone21 daysParafendNorbrookOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone21 days

ProvitblocDallas KeithThiophanateRoundwormCerealNone7 days feed block

Rycoben 7.5%YoungsRicobendazoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone14 days

Synanthic MallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se28 daysSel/Co

Systamex 2.265MallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

Systamex SCMallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se28 days

Systamex FlukeMallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se28 days SCOxyclozanide

Systamex 906MallinckrodtOxfendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

ThibenzoleMSD AgvetThiabendazole RoundwormOral drenchNone28 days

Valbazen 10% Total

SpectrumPfizerAlbendazoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone14 days

Valbazen 2.5%

Total SpectrumPfizerAlbendazoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone14 days

Valbazen 10% Total Spectrum with Hidose PlusPfizerAlbendazoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchVits A14 days

D3, E

Virmintic VirbacFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOralNone28 days suspension

Wormalic Dallas KeithThiophanateRoundworm, lungwormMolassesNone7 days liquid feed

Wormaway FenbenDeosanFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone21 daysWormaway

Fenben 10DeosanFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone21 days

Zerofen 2.5%ChanelleFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

Zerofen 5%ChanelleFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

Zerofen 10%ChanelleFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

CATTLE WORMER GUIDE Group 1: Avermectins

Name Company Chemical ParasitesUse Vits Withdrawal


Element (meat)

Cydectin 1%*CyanamidMoxidectinRoundworm, lungwormInjection None45 days

EnzecJanssenAbamectinLungwormInjection None42 days

Ivomec SR BolusMSD AgvetIvermectinRoundworm, lungwormBolusNone180 days

Ivomec Pour onMSD AgvetIvermectinRoundworm, lungwormPour-onNone28 days

Ivomec InjectionMSD AgvetIvermectinRoundworm, lungwormInjection None35 days

Ivomec SuperMSD AgvetIvermectinRoundworm, lungwormInjection None28 days Injection

Panomec* MSD AgvetIvermectinRoundworm, lungwormInjection None35 days

*POM – prescription medicine only

Group 2: Benzimidazoles




Bayverm 1.9%BayerFebantelRoundwormIn-feed35 days

Flubenol Indiv treatmentJanssenFlubendazoleRoundwormIn-feed14 days

Flubenol PremixJanssenFlubendazoleRoundworm, lungwormIn-feed14 days

Loditac 20 PfizerOxibendazoleRoundwormIn-feed14 days

Loditac 200PfizerOxibendazoleRoundwormIn-feed14 days

Loditac 3% PfizerOxibendazoleRoundwormIn-feed14 days Pellets

Nemafax 14Rhone-ThiophanateRoundwormIn-feed7 days


Panacur 1.5% PelletsHoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormIn-feed30 days

Panacur 2.5% SuspensionHoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drench7 days

Panacur 4% PowderHoechstFenbendazoleRoundworm, lungwormIn-feed5 days

PIG WORMER GUIDE Group 1: Avermectins




Ivomec Premix MSD Agvet IvermectinRoundworm, lungwormIn-feed5 days

IvomecMSD Agvet IvermectinRoundworm, lungwormInjection28 days

Panomec* MSD Agvet IvermectinRoundworm, lungwormInjection28 days

*POM – prescription only medicine

Group 3: Levamisoles/Morantel




Anthelpor 20YoungsLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormPour-onNone42 daysArmadoseBayerLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

BionemMallinckrodtLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

Chanaverm 1.5% ChanelleLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone18 daysChanaverm 7.5%ChanelleLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone18 days

Combinex cattleCibaLevamisoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone28 daysTriclabendazole

DecazoleBimeda UKLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 daysDecazole ForteBimeda UKLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

LevafasNorbrookLevamisoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone28 daysOxyclozanideLevafas DiamondNorbrookLevamisoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone28 days


Levacide NorbrookLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

Levacide 3%NorbrookLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 daysLevacide Low VolNorbrookLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

Levacide NorbrookLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormInjection None14 days

Levadin 75UnivetLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormInjection None14 days

Levadin 15UnivetLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOralNone14 days

Levacur SCHoechstLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se14 days

Levipor 20C-VetLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormPour-onNone42 days

Klomisole Bimeda UK LevamisoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone28 daysOxyclozanide

Nilzan GoldMallinckrodtLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 daysOxyclozanide

Nilzan SuperMallinckrodtLevamisoleRoundworm, lungworm, flukeOral drenchCo.Se28 daysOxyclozanide

Nilverm GoldMallinckrodtLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOra drenchNone28 days

Nilverm SuperMallinckrodtLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchCo.Se28 days

NiratilVirbacLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormPour-onNone42 days

Ripercol pour-onJanssenLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormPour-onNone42 days

SilbanC-VetLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone14 days

SureYoungsLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone18 days

Vermaject Bimeda UK LevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormInjection None28 days

VermisoleBimeda UK LevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 daysVermisole Forte Bimeda UKLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

Vermaject Bimeda UK LevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormInjection None28 days

Vermofas Bimeda UKLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormOral drenchNone28 days

Wormaway LevamisoleDeosanLevamisoleRoundworm, lungwormInjectionNone28 days


Wormaway Levamisole OxyclozanideDeosanLevamisoleRoundworm,lungworm, flukeOral drenchNone28 days


Paratect Flex

Sustained Release



THE benzimidazoles, flubendazole, oxibendazole, fenbendazole, thiophanate and febantel, together with levamisole and ivermectin are highly effective against the adult and developing larvae of the gastro-intestinal nematodes parasitising pigs. Ivermectin is also active against lice and sarcoptic mange mites.

They are suitable for use in routine control programmes where lungworms are not a problem.n


Witholding periods must be checked against current

recommendations. For milking cattle and sheep, check that the product can be used and check the milk witholding time BEFORE administration. Avermectins,

levamisole, and bolus preparations are generally not

recommended for milking animals.

Information only correct to

Dec 95.

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