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Archive Article: 1997/12/19

19 December 1997

Recent weeks have seen dozens of Christmas primestock shows

taking place. Not just the big ones like the Welsh and Scottish

Winter Fairs either – around the country markets have been

hosting their own events. FW stopped off at Grantham, Lincs, last

Thursday to get a taste of the action…

Call in at a mart at this time of year and theres a fair chance youll find farmers washing and brushing stock, keen to ensure they look their very best. Theres not only prizes at stake, theres the prestige, too…

Champion beast at this event was this Belgian Blue steer, Badger. Proudly presenting him are Jonathan Thompson and son, Charles. Also pictures are Grantham and District Christmas Primestock Show chairman Richard Harris (left) and the man who had the final say, judge Stephen Hibberd.

Good reason to smile…John Ingamells consigned the best pen of sheep – these 45kg animals which made £100 apiece. He also sold a 685kg bullock for £1315. Buying this beast was market-regular Colin Skinner, who snapped up 15 cattle on the day.

This is a difficult time for farmers. Incomes in just about every sector are falling. And with Christmas shows typically attracting a big following, theyre a good time to collect signatures for the NFUs recently-launched Keep Britain Farming campaign.

Tipping the scales at 560kg, Badger went on to make £935.20.

Auctioneer Bob Brownlow of Escritt and Barrell sells the sheep.

This was a day when, overall, lambs averaged 100.69p/kg. And cattle averaged 129.25p/kg – not quite as good as last year, however, when the cattle figure was 155p/kg.

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Archive Article: 1997/12/19

19 December 1997

Another season of Christmas primestock shows has come to

an end. Recent weeks have seen fierce competition in

markets around the country to take the top prizes. As

always, there was some superb stock on offer. Some people

went home smiling, with an armful of silverware, others were

disappointed. Still, theres always next year. farmers weekly

remembers three of this years events…

This 660kg Belgian Blue cross Charolais steer, Buster, won the day at Cardigan mart. Sold by Philip Reed, it made 185p/kg. Among the sheep, the winning pen of five Texel cross lambs changed hands for £60 each.

From a tinsel-strewn rostrum, auctioneer James Stephenson sells the supreme champion beast at York. The 565kg Belgian Blue steer from F E Bowes and Son went under the hammer for 200p/kg. This was a day when the best pen of sheep made £71 apiece.

Show day was certainly a busy one at Longtown, Cumbria, with the weekly sale of sheep attracting an entry of nearly 9000 head. Collecting the title was former farmers weekly Management Matters farmer John Hall. This was the fifth year in succession John has taken the top spot. His 42kg Beltex cross sheep made £61. Overall, sheep averaged 89.2p/kg. Auctioneer Neil McCleary says some finished lambs are now making £5 apiece less than their purchase price – and then there is the cost of keeping them to consider. "It is hitting farmers hard in the pockets," says Mr McCleary.

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Archive Article: 1997/12/19

19 December 1997

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE (44.64 acres).

Wycombe Heath Farm, Great Kingshill, Nr Amersham. Farmhouse (4-bed), farm buildings, traditional barns and pasture. £600,000. (Abbott Anstey Reader)

CAMBRIDGESHIRE (29.65 acres).

Land at Gorefield and Wisbech St Mary, Nr Wisbech. Arable land. Lot 1: 4.16 acres. £25,200 Lot 2: 4.18 acres. £25,800. Lot 3: 17.60 acres. £54,000. Lot 4: 3.71 acres. £11,500. (Cheffins Grain & Comins)

CHESHIRE (41.61 acres).

Collective property auction. Lot 1: Land at Christleton, Nr Chester. Arable land 7.25 acres. £33,000 (£4552/acre). Land at Clutton, Nr Chester. Grade 2 and 3 arable land. Lot 2: 8.93 acres. £33,000 (£3695/acre). Lot 3: 4.75 acres. £17,000 (£3579/acre). Lot 4: 5.74 acres. £20,000 (£3484/acre). Lot 5: 14.94 acres. £50,000 (£3347/acre). (Denton Clark & Co)

CHESHIRE (125.45 acres).

Woodend Farm, Strines, Nr Disley. Lot 1: Farmhouse (5-bed), traditional and modern farm buildings, bungalow (T) and 18.42 acres. £238,000. Lot 2: Pasture, rough grazing and woodland 19.14 acres. £40,000 (£2090/acre). Lot 3: Pasture, rough grazing and woodland 18.82 acres. £45,000 (£2391/acre). Lot 4: Pasture, rough grazing and woodland 15.34 acres. £30,000 (£1956/acre). Lot 5: Pasture 14.79 acres. £43,000 (£2907/acre). Lot 6: Meadow 7.19 acres. £28,000 (£3894/acre). Lot 7: Pasture, grazing and woodland 20.54 acres. £48,000 (£2337/acre). Lot 8: Pasture 8.77 acres. £30,000 (£3421/acre). Lot 9: 2.44 acres. £12,000 (£4918/acre). (Frank R Marshall & Co)

DERBYSHIRE (20 acres).

Land Carsington, Nr Wirksworth. Grassland with mains water and road frontage. £56,000 (£2800/acre). (Bagshaws)

DEVON (21.42 acres).

Land at Canonteign, Nr Exeter. Pasture. £32,000 (£1494/acre). (Rendells)

DEVON (26 acres).

Land at Tipton St John, Nr Ottery St Mary. Grade 3 pasture. £80,000 (£3032/acre). (Stags)

DEVON (135.10 acres).

Halwell Farm, Nr Plympton. Lot 1: Farmhouse (5-bed) in need of modernisation, derelict cottage, modern and traditional farm buildings and 24.75 acres including some woodland. £154,000. Lot 2: Mainly arable land with some pasture 70.20 acres. £164,500 (£2343/acre). Lot 3: Pasture 31.69 acres. £81,000 (£2556/acre). Lot 4: Mixed deciduous woodland and former quarry £16,000 (£3061/acre). Lot 5: Arable land 3.12 acres. £10,500 (£3362/acre). (Luscombe Maye Hands Hughes)

DORSET (22.37 acres).

Land at Champernhayes, Wootton Fitzpaine, Nr Bridport. Pasture land. Lot 1: 7.72 acre. Withdrawn at £19,750. Lot 2: 3.37 acres. Withdrawn at £8750. Lot 3: 6.85 acres. Withdrawn at £13,750. Lot 4: 4.97 acres. Withdrawn at £9500. (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)

GLOUCESTERSHIRE (16.62 acres).

Land at Frenchay, Nr Bristol. Pasture adjacent to M32. £66,000 (£3971/acre). (David James & Partners)

LEICESTERSHIRE (32.53 acres).

Land at Leire, Nr Lutterworth. Lot 1: Arable land 15.68 acres. £60,500 (£3858/acre). Lot 2: Arable land 4.75 acres. £21,500. Land at Aston Flamville, Nr Hinckley. Pasture 12.10 acres. £46,000 (£3801/acre). (Howkins & Harrison)

STAFFORDSHIRE (50.23 acres).

Land Nr Tamworth. Arable land. £204,085 (£4063/acre). (Howkins & Harrison)

STAFFORDSHIRE (163.29 acres).

Lot 1: Land at Cresswell, Nr Draycott-in-the-Moors. Grassland with road frontage 11.22 acres. £34,500 (£3075/acre). Lot 2: Wood Farm, Leigh. Dairy and livestock rearing farm. House in need of modernisation, mainly traditional farm buildings, milk quota 136,642 litres and meadow and pasture 152.07 acres. £516,000 (£3393/acre). (Bagshaws)

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