Archive Article: 1998/01/02 - Farmers Weekly

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Archive Article: 1998/01/02

2 January 1998

The UK took up the reigns in

Europe yesterday (Thur) at

the start of its six-month

presidency of the EU.

Farming organisations and

pressure groups all have

their own shopping lists of

what they hope the

government will achieve, as

FW reporters discovered

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Archive Article: 1998/01/02

2 January 1998

Designed to cater for the increasing number of sloping bonnets now produced by tractor manufacturers, the new front sprayer tanks from Cleanacres Machinery have a low profile appearance. Available in 600, 800 and 1000-litre capacities, the GRP tank specification includes tractor mounting kits, hydraulically driven pump and in-cab control for front to rear tank chemical transfer. Options include a 100-litre integral clean water tank, tank flushing system and stainless steel chemical inductor complete with bottle wash and rinse ring. Prices start at £2950.

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