9 June 1995

At home in the

horse world

YOUNG horse-lovers interested in working with horses or ponies should study Laura Collins book* while still at school to help them find the training system that suits them best.

But older, trained or partly trained people will still find it useful. "Dont let your lack of experience with horses deter you," Ms Collins advises those who have not worked with horses before but have always wanted to do so. "…there are plenty of opportunities to improve and expand your knowledge," she writes, and points the way to them.

The horse world is a very big one and the variety of horse-related work is wide. This book will help you find your niche. Its wealth of crisply presented information is backed by constructive comment from the author and those who have followed various career routes. AR

*A Career in the Horse Industry 1995-1996 by Laura Collins, published by The Kenilworth Press (£9.95).