8 December 1995

ATVlock for base and field

THEFT of all-terrain-vehicles is big business in the UK. And so is the sale of devices aimed at preventing it.

Logics lock is the latest addition to a long list of security options. It comprises a special hub, arm and rawl-bolt floor fixing.

Suitable for all makes of ATV, the hub remains on the bike as a permanent fitting. When parking up at night the ATV is positioned alongside the arm, the arm located and locked into position with a heavy duty padlock.

The immobiliser can also be used when an ATV is in the field. The arm is slid off its rawl-bolt base and carried on the back of the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle, the arm is locked on to the hub which stops the wheel from rotating more than a 1/4 turn. Price of the in-field/at-base lock is £159.