28 April 1995

Average horsepower slowly closes on 100

AVERAGE tractor horsepower in the UK has still not hit the elusive 100hp mark. But it is creeping steadily closer.

According to latest figures from the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), average horsepower of tractors registered in the first quarter of this year was 98hp. That represents a 3.6% increase, compared with the same period in 1994.

The AEAs economist, Chris Evans, says the 100hp mark could be passed later this year.

"Much depends on harvest performance. If arable farmers have a good harvest and confidence levels remain buoyant, its quite possible that the average horsepower figure could edge over 100hp this autumn," Mr Evans explains.

First quarter registration figures show current tractor sales are, in fact, suffering in some arable regions, whereas sales to livestock farmers are relatively strong. This could be as a result of tyre supply difficulties, says Mr Evans.

"Arable farmers tend to be more particular about tyre specs. Given the current supply difficulties for certain tyre models, this could explain the marked first quarter decrease in tractor sales in areas such as the north and East Anglia."

&#8226 Statistics source: The AEA.